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Currently Available for Work! For more information please contact me at

As a digital artist who specializes in 3D modeling, my work resolves primarily around the creation of visual environments for interactive media.

I enjoy the development process, and love the experience of working with a team of like-minded and varied individuals that come across all disciplines; including artists, designers, and engineers.

My professional experience includes a mixed range of work in modeling and texturing 3d visual environments for real-time interactive applications and simulators, constructing computer-generated visualizations of trade show booth designs, and creating a series of videos from the initial storyboard conception to the final animated rendering for an advertisement agency’s clients.
While I specialize in modeling and texturing environments for work, in my spare time I enjoy switching between working on designs, models, animations, audio, game logic, ai, and music for my own personal game projects; having spent the last several years learning and using such real-time engines as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. I find I have a constant crave for learning new software and skills involved in the development process, which is one of the reasons why I chose to enter the field of computer graphics.

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