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Here’s where you’ll find projects I’m currently working on before it reaches that final stage of polish, and get some insights on how I typically work.

Goblin Character (Game-Ready Model)
I decided it would be a nice exercise to take some of my older work from Zbrush, retool some of the parts and design, make a retopologized game-ready model out of it with all of the usual diffuse, normal, specular/gloss maps, and then finally render it out in either Marmoset Toolbag or the UDK.
Goblin Character Model Sheet
Here’s the Zbrush model I will be using as a basis for the game model. The current major plans are to redo his shorts and gear, retopo the model, bake out the normals and AO maps in xNormal, refine the detail in the face and body, and finally add in more color variation and texture polish in photoshop. For the texture maps, I plan on having the goblin’s body and clothing/gear split into two seperate sheets at 2048×2048 for portfolio purposes (It’s better to downsize than rescale!), and I like the idea of having added flexibility when it comes to swapping out the clothing for additional variations for multiple characters.

I always like to test things out to make sure everything is working correctly before going too far down the road, so here’s a sample test of the head retopo rendered in Marmoset Toolbag with a relatively simple pelt map done on his face, the seams traveling around the back of his ears and behind his head. (Good thing too, as like UDK, Marmoset requires the Y-axis/Green channel of the normal map to be flipped = I got rid of the horrible UV seams that haunt my dreams)
I’m almost done with the top part of the body, and he’s around 5,000 tris before I start to do some more optimization (I’m mostly working in quads right now for cleanliness, any needless edgeloops will be closed off with a triangular split). My current goal is to keep him around 15k so it’s looking good. Please mind the hands for now, it’s where I left off 🙂


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