Intro animation test of a satellite and electricity flow effect, modeled and animated in 3D Studio Max, rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

30-Second Animation and Motion Graphics Art test for a commercial for an advertising agency. Car model made and animated in Maya, rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Additional motion graphics and video editing done in Adobe After Effects.

A series of 3D videos I modeled and animated for an ad agency for the software tax company Avalara. 3D Studio Max was used for modeling and animating, textures were created using Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4 was used for scene composing, cameras, & final rendering, and Adobe After Effects for the editing.

Example of a tradeshow booth design done for Kitchen Brains. Multiple designs were created in 3D Studio Max, actual printable designs were done in Illustrator and converted to rasterized images in order to render them in Unreal Engine 4. The final design that was chosen being put together into a short video format for an ad agency’s newsletter.

ArisGlobal Tradeshow booth design, created in 3D Studio Max.

Business-to-Business Video Advertisement for CA Technologies, stylized in an abstract form. Modeled and animated in 3D Studio Max, and rendered using quicksilver.

Video animation where I was given about two days to model, animate, and render an ad agency’s building as a closure to their demo reel. Modeled and animated in 3D Studio Max, and rendered using quicksilver.

Silly animation test of lip synching a robot to a modified script of Shakespeare. Animated in Maya, run in real time using Unreal Engine 4.